How we Disciple...

How we Disciple.... 


Reaching Up... 



Both together and individually, we praise God by remembering how God has rescued, redeemed, and restored us.  We do this through singing, praying, giving, hearing God's Word and living out God's call in our lives.



We connect with God and seek God's will for our lives by talking with and listening to God daily.  Individually and with others, we pray with words, silence and actions.



Reaching Out... 



God has called us share God's love with the world by meeting people's needs in our community and throughout the world.  We seek to serve Jesus by sharing our resources and ourselves with God's people around the Globe.



We believe all people are loved by God and need Jesus Christ as their savior.  Jesus calls us to share that Good News with the world through our actions and our words.



Reaching In... 



We are with Jesus to learn from Jesus how to be like Jesus.  We do this by growing our relationship with him through our beliefs, actions and practices.



We celebrate our life in Christ by living in intentional community with other followers of Jesus Christ and by inviting others to join us.